Seller's Handbook

Seller's Handbook

Welcome Sellers. This page will give you a detailed insight into selling your product on Tealcart.

A. Prepare a Checklist…..
    Before opening a shop on Tealcart, you should prepare a checklist with:

B. Register Yourself…..
    Login to Get yourself registered and after receiving your details we will call you within 12 business hours for further confirmation. This procedure is necessary for avoiding fake information.
We will enquire some details about you and may ask for pictures of your product. Don’t worry, it won’t take much time. Once your products are approved, your shop will be opened and you can access it with the same login ID and password you registered with.

C. Listing on Tealcart!
Once your Tealcart account gets activated, you can start listing your products. The complete procedure for listing a product requires below details to be filled in:

D. Online Product Listing

E. Tealcart's Charges
No commission will be charged for first three months from the date of registration except the logistics and payment gateway charges.
Prior to the three-month promotional period, a nominal commission of 10% will be charged on every product sold on Tealcart.
Product listing is free of cost.